Commitment to the local sport of Alcalá de Henares.

Veracetics, the renowned leading company in the production of Aloe vera-based products, has officially announced the renewal of its sponsorship of the RSD Alcalá soccer team for one more year. This renewal represents an ongoing commitment to local sport and consolidates the successful partnership between Veracetics and RSD Alcalá.

Since the start of their sponsorship two years ago, Veracetics has been a vital supporter of the team, providing them with the financial and promotional resources necessary to further the development of the club and strengthen their presence in the community. In particular, Veracetics has been the main sponsor of the RSD Alcalá women’s team. As María Isabel Martínez, manager of Veracetics, has pointed out, “The world of women’s soccer is growing, allowing us to live in a society committed to equality and sport, where all women can develop their aspirations without any kind of barriers”

Aloe vera, known for its beneficial properties for health and skin, has become the emblem of Veracetics, who have found in sports sponsorship an effective way to promote their wellness products and values. In addition to brand exposure on the team’s uniforms, Veracetics has carried out joint campaigns with Alcalá, promoting healthy lifestyles and awareness of the benefits of Aloe vera among soccer fans and the community at large.

With this exciting sponsorship renewal, Veracetics and RSD Alcalá demonstrate their shared commitment to sport, health and well-being. This alliance promises to continue strengthening the bond between the company and the team, generating opportunities for growth and success both on and off the pitch.

Veracetics has demonstrated a strong commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle through its support of various sports activities and health related events.