10 years growing up with aloe vera innovation

Science as

our product base

Veracetics, Technology Based Company (EBT) emerged within the University of Alcalá presenting a new concept of consumer products obtained from plant extracts and their application in different sectors.


Quality guarantee

In Veracetics, we are aware that, in achieving the objectives of the Company and having analyzed the context of it, we must not only pursue economic benefits, but the provision of a quality service.

We guide our Company towards satisfaction of the client through the following concepts:

  • Close treatment, personalized and committed to all our customers.
  • High control of all the usual and temporary suppliers.
  • Surveillance in all stages of our activity for the manufacture of a quality product.

And as the quality of service is a priority in the activities of VERACETICS, this commits us to:

  • Achieving full customer satisfaction.
  • Compliance with legal and client requirements that apply to our activities.
  • Mark quality objectives, reviewing them periodically.
  • Orient the quality system towards continuous improvement.
  • Identify, analyze and evaluate all the risks and opportunities that may affect our processes.


La ciencia como base de nuestros productos