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Aloe Vera Raw Material.

From the raw material we can produce products such as:

Fresh juice extracted from the inner part of the Aloe vera leaf, without aloin. Complying with the new European regulations on the consumption of Aloe vera and Certified by the IASC.


  • 1L and 500 ml glass or plastic bottle.
  • 20kg drums.
  • 200kg container and 1000kg container.
  • Our Juices and Extracts for cosmetic use have been Dermatologically Tested.
  • Fresh juice from the inner part of the Aloe vera leaf for use in cosmetics. High Hydration capacity, Certified by Cosmos Ecocert and Bioinspecta.
  • Ideal for the production of cosmetics in which you want to reduce the water in the INCI of the final product.


  • 20kg drums.
  • 200kg container and 1000kg container.

For food, cosmetic and industrial use. Organic certified product. Extracted from the internal part of the Aloe vera leaf by a drying process that does not affect the properties of Aloe vera.


  • 1 kg.
  • 5 kg.

Oils for cosmetic use.

Veracetics with an exclusive extraction process that ensures the elimination of Hydroxyanthracene Derivatives, produces an Aloe vera oil using the residues of the plant. What for other companies is waste, at Veracetics we take advantage of it to manufacture an oil rich in antioxidants, which has been shown to have greater properties than conventional oil.

In addition, Veracetics in its line of expanding the supply of plant extracts, offers two new types of oil: Calendula Oil and Rosemary Oil. These new oils rich in antioxidants can also be made as such or combined with Aloe vera oils, thus achieving the combined action of the properties of Calendula and Aloe vera on the one hand and the combined action of the properties of Rosemary and Aloe vera.

They are oils exclusively made by Veracetics.

  • Natural Aloe Vera Oil.

  • Aloe vera oil with Rosehip.

  • Aloe vera oil with Almonds.

  • Aloe vera oil with Argan.

  • Aloe vera oil with soy.

Formats: 1kg, 5kg, 20kg, 200kg and 1000kg

How we work.


Cultivation and harvesting

Ecological crops located throughout the Iberian Peninsula and in the Canary Islands, to obtain fresh leaves throughout the year. Taking advantage of the biological properties of the soil to produce leaves of the highest quality and low in aloin content.

Harvesting is done by hand, selecting each leaf with the optimum degree of maturity.


The leaves are subjected to a packaging process designed so that they are not damaged during transport and the aloin is eliminated from the leaf.




Modern sanitizing system for plant material that eliminates aloin.

Debarked and peeled

The inner gel of the Aloe vera leaf is extracted manually and by an exclusive design process that controls the levels of aloin.



Stabilizing Aloe Vera Juice

Through a validated process, the possible final aloin remains are eliminated and the product is cold stabilized and aseptically packed. Obtaining a product of the highest quality.

Final product analysis

The Veracetics Quality Control Department, made up of chemists and biologists, analyze all production batches before the batch is released. Carrying out a physical-chemical and microbiological analysis of the product. With the introduction of the new regulations on the content of Hydroxyanthracene Derivatives (DHAs), the Veracetics Quality Department has designed and validated an analysis method for these compounds, which allows the detection of aloin at ppb (parts per billion) levels, which guarantees that the released batches of aloin comply with the new European regulations for these compounds.


Who we are.

Veracetics represents the first European company with its own production and technology for the extraction and manufacture of certified BIO Aloe vera, not imported, which makes them pioneers in this field.

Veracetics is the first European company with a Sanitary Registry and a Certificate of Organic Agriculture.

The development of its products and their different applications have been carried out within the company, thanks to its R&D&I Department, which has more than 25 years of experience in obtaining metabolites and other products in demand on the market.

“Our immediate future is directed towards continuous improvement in the search for innovative and original products that contribute to maintaining a healthy standard of living.”


Veracetics is the only company in Europe that uses 90% of the Aloe vera leaf. The inner part of the leaf is used for the elaboration of food and cosmetic juices and the outer part of the leaf is used for the extraction and elaboration of oils by an exclusive process that allows to eliminate the aloin from the bark and extract the oils that They have high moisturizing and regenerating capacity.

In this way we take advantage of and recycle all our plant material. We use recycled cardboard for our packaging and we take advantage of the residual cardboard to prepare the packaging for our orders. Also, we proceed to the recycling of all the plastic material used in the company, which allows us to make greater use of it and increase its useful life, which allows us to use less plastic.

In addition, we belong to ECOEMBES as a Company that cares for the environment through recycling and eco-design of packaging.

Veracetics emerges as a Technology-Based Company (EBT) of the Madri+d Foundation for Knowledge. What was initially a project by some researchers, and which was awarded by the Universities of Cádiz, the University of Alcalá and the Bancaja Entrepreneurs Award, has become the first company in Europe to produce Aloe vera extracts and products. To date, many of the members of our team have been trained at the prestigious University of Alcalá, and we continue to attract talent year after year.


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