In our desire to make our organic Aloe vera known in the US market, we have obtained the enabling certificate for the sale of organic products in this country. This market may seem very attractive for European companies; however, the reality is that not all food products can access it.

For this reason we have had to carry out a process of providing documents and analytical validation required by the US FDA, guarantor of the quality of organic products in America, reaffirming the quality and innovation in our manufacturing. In addition, we have developed a new handling process that allows us to keep our Aloe vera juice fresh and with all its properties as if it were the first day.

In our variety of food products, we have decided to bet on our Aloe vera juice with organic lemon, to enter the American market, the benefits of aloe vera juice with lemon being well known, this product combines the properties of Aloe vera with the antioxidants of the lemon, making this product an attraction for American companies. Providing your necessary FCE-SID certificates to guarantee a 100% secure entry into the market.

Veracetics never tires of continuing to grow and invest in R+D+i to make our Aloe vera known throughout the world, guaranteeing maximum sustainability in our manufacturing processes.