Is it possible to get aloe vera juice without aloin?

This year 2021 says goodbye with a major regulatory change in the Aloe vera juice market in Europe. On March 19, 2021, the health authorities approved the new Regulation (EU) 2021/468, with entry into force in April 2021, which regulates the consumption of Aloe vera juice.

This change limited the consumption of Aloin and other Hydroxyanthracene derivatives to levels below 1 mgr/l in all Aloe vera juices intended for human consumption.

Veracetics, a pioneering company in the Research and Development of Aloe vera products, developed a validated analytical method to analyze all the products that leave its facilities with the aim that they comply with the demanding regulations. This is a very sensitive method that ensures these products are safe for consumption.

In this way, an organic Aloe vera juice is produced that promotes healthy digestion, supports the immune system and balances stomach acid naturally.

What is aloin?

Aloins are chemical compounds of a phenolic nature, that is, they are secondary metabolites found naturally in certain plants, including common vegetables (green beans, cabbage, iceberg lettuce, etc). These chemical substances that plants use as a defense mechanism and to relate to the ecosystem, are used by man due to their beneficial effect on intestinal function.

Our organic Aloe Vera Juice without aloin.

VERACETICS is the first company in Europe to produce a fresh organic Aloe vera juice without aloins, without treatments and without filtering, maintaining all the properties of Aloe vera.

At Veracetics we have developed our own technology to produce a pure BIO Aloe vera juice without filtrations through activated carbon, being pioneers in this production process and investing in research and development in the world of Aloe vera. Through a natural and ecological process, fresh Aloe vera juice is prepared.

From our plantations distributed throughout the Peninsula, we obtain the Aloe vera leaf throughout the year. It is received in less than 24 hours in our facilities designed exclusively to manufacture natural Aloe vera juice without aloins, which allows us to comply with the New European Regulations for Aloe vera consumption.

VERACETICS prepares its fresh, organic and certified aloin-free juice, perfectly suitable for human consumption, maintaining all the properties of the Aloe vera plant.