During this time of year when low temperatures ravage the Iberian Peninsula, Veracetics has an Aloe vera cultivation system that means that this cold, so harmful to the Aloe vera plant, does not affect the crop and the quality of the leaves at all. Aloe vera that are produced in their plantations.

Veracetics has plantations in different parts of the Iberian Peninsula, allowing it to have supply throughout the year. With a protected cultivation system both externally and internally, providing the plant not only with the optimal growth temperature, but also with a biological cultivation system, taking advantage of the soil where the plant itself grows, allows us to have the best crops in Europe, being the only company to have the International Aloe Science Council certification of our plantations.

After more than 15 years of cultivating Aloe vera, Veracetics provides its plantations with all the biological nutritional requirements so that the soil itself where the plant grows enriches it with active ingredients.

Aloe vera is a plant that has multiple properties, it can be used throughout the year as it provides benefits depending on the season of the year we find ourselves.

In winter with low temperatures, when the cold arrives it can be used externally as an excellent moisturizer and skin protector against solar radiation that occurs combined with low temperatures. Also on these dates, internally the Aloe vera Juice consumed is an activator of the Immune System that protects our body against colds and flu.

And after the Christmas holidays, it is an excellent cleanser and detox juice to cleanse our body of the excesses committed during these holidays.